We Can Solve Two Problems In Minnetonka City Council Elections

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Every two years, we hold elections for city council and mayor. Expensive primaries are held in August with fewer than 5% voter turnout. Mid-term vacancies often are filled by either council appointments or special elections, both of which have very little voter engagement.


The Solution:


  • Ensures winners with broad majority support

  • Eliminates the low-turnout, unrepresentative primary

  • Saves taxpayers’ dollars

  • Promotes more inclusive and representative elections

  • Provides more choice for voters

  • Ends spoiler and wasted vote dynamics

  • Fosters more civil campaigns

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Ranked Choice Voting Is Proven 

  • Successfully used in Minneapolis and St. Paul for nearly a decade, with St. Louis Park joining in this year

  • Ready-to-use blueprint in place for implementing RCV, saving Minnetonka start-up costs and time

  • 15% of Minnesota voters already use Ranked Choice Voting

  • Validated unanimously as constitutional by the Minnesota Supreme Court and two Federal Courts

  • Nonpartisan and embraced by voters across all parties. Both the late Senator John McCain and President Barack Obama promoted Ranked Choice Voting in their respective states


Major cities across the United states use RCV in their municipal elections, including St. Paul and Minneapolis for nearly a decade.


Minneapolis voters say RCV is easy to use and want to continue.


“Ranked Choice Voting has been tested across the country and Maine just sent their first member to Congress using this system. It’s time we start investing in and expanding Ranked Choice Voting.”

- Dean Phillips, U.S. Representative


“With Ranked Choice Voting, there’s no need for the expense of an early August primary that hardly anyone attends. All the candidates get to campaign throughout the fall when more people are paying attention and participating in candidate forums.”

- Barb Westmoreland, Minnetonka Resident for 49 years


Let’s bring RCV to Minnetonka.